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Why Choose Us

An inexperienced rug cleaner can completely ruin a rug in a matter of seconds. This is why it is very important to be careful who you choose to clean your precious rugs. Many companies have a complete disregard for their clients’ items. They toss all the rugs and carpets they can get their hands on into a washing machine, add some chemicals and press “Start.” But did you know that industrial washing machines damage the fabric of your rugs? We do things differently, so call us today for excellent customer service: 631-230-0810.

Here at Rug Carpet Cleaning Suffolk County, we care. We care about your rugs and about your time and money. We care about our customers. We wouldn’t be here without them! This is why our experts hand-wash each and every rug and carpet you entrust to us. This ensures that the items are not damaged in any way.

Reliable, Professional Rug Cleaning Services

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our rug cleaning services. In fact, rug cleaning in Suffolk County can’t get any better than this. Our experienced rug cleaners hand-wash each item so the result is always perfect. And yes, we will wash a rug several times to remove difficult stains. Here are some of the things you can expect from us:

• Your satisfaction is our guarantee

• We are a locally owned and operated company

• All our prices are affordable

• Get a FREE Estimate

• Our experts are insured, licensed and bonded

• Scheduling an appointment is quick and simple

• You can make appointments during the weekend

• You can make appointments during holidays

FREE Pickup and FREE Delivery

Do you know how you could save some time and effort? Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone could come to your home or office and pick up the rugs? You would then get them back clean and dry. Well, now this is possible. If you are in Suffolk County, you can take advantage of our amazing pickup and delivery services. We will collect your items, wash them and then return them to you. When you choose us, pickup and delivery are both FREE.

We Clean Any Rug of Any Size

Any rug, any size! Our experienced professionals are perfectly capable of cleaning any type of rug for you. Size doesn’t matter. Shape doesn’t matter. Because we clean all rugs and carpets by hand, we can do a great job with any item. Here are some of the rugs we clean almost daily:

• Persian rugs

• Handmade rugs

• Wool rugs

• Area rugs

• Silk rugs

• Indian rugs

• Oriental rugs

• Moroccan rugs

• And many more

We Hand-wash ALL Rugs

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we want to point something out to you. Our professionals wash every rug and carpet by hand. Yes, we really do hand-wash each item until it is perfectly clean. It takes more time, yes. However, the results are far superior to anything a washing machine can do. And our procedure doesn’t damage the rugs whatsoever.

Call Today for the Best Rug Cleaning Services

Call Rug Carpet Cleaning Suffolk County at 631-230-0810 today if you want to get the best rug and carpet cleaning in Suffolk County. We’ll send somebody to pick up your items ASAP.